Upon Arrival

This body of work explores the cultural diversity stemming from the migration of Muslim and Jewish populations into the harsh, almost barren, land of Palestine circa 1885-1948.

Andrea was raised in an immigrant family and then later migrated to Israel, just like many of her ancestors from Spain and Morocco. Andrea experienced the impact of that journey on her own life and was inspired by the process.

With this series the artist confronts her perceptions of the culture she was born and raised in, and the sensations that were brought to the surface as she delved into life in a country whose layers she was curious to discover. The panels each portray groups of people from distinct backgrounds much like the ones who left their imprint in the land of Israel.

Using a recurring geometric pattern designed specifically for this series, she combines it with torn, worn, and faded imagery mostly collected while living there. Mixing various materials and mediums she seeks to convey the diversity and perseverance of these new settlers. In addition, the constant and repeated use of Arabic calligraphy is intended to serve as an ongoing reminder of the influence these migrations had on the cultural landscape, and the continued co-existence of these two worlds.

From Asia to Europe and beyond, from the secular to the religious and the traditional, these are all elements that shaped a modern Israeli culture that continues to reinvent itself and thrive in the midst of turmoil.