Vida Tel Aviv

TLV sunlight .jpg

Inspired by this dynamic middle eastern city and its cross-cultural and religious influences. Andrea’s fascination for the city's urban scene and street art, with all its peculiar elements, led her to create her this series of work.

While living in Tel Aviv she was lifted by its colourful palette of people, landscape, Arabic – Hebrew scriptures and varied architecture. Over time she collected and photographed an assortment of images, a self-styled recreation of neighbourhoods and streets that transmit the energy and atmosphere of this city. Incorporating a variety of techniques and mediums such as photo collage /assemblage, silkscreen, graffiti–tags, stencils, pencil and frottage she sought create an emotional visual journey into the city’s core where most of the urban art is found.

This series of work is a small homage to Tel Aviv’s flourishing street culture, it´s people and artists that help shape this urban environment.